11 Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs in Berlin

Indoor Activities for Dogs on Rainy Days in Berlin


Sadly rainy days in Berlin come often and like to stick around, they can put a real damper on your outdoor adventures. But don’t let a little drizzle get you down, I’ve compiled a list of 11 fun and engaging activities that you can enjoy with your dog, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.


1. Grab a pint and play boardgames at Brewdog

Take a break from the rain and visit one of Brewdog’s three locations in Berlin. The explicitly dog-friendly pubs are a Scottish original, and offers a variety of top-notch craft beers. Their two bars in Mitte and Friedrichshain are smaller and offer a cozy atmosphere for boardgames, while their large taproom in the south of Berlin has plenty of space featuring duck pin bowling and a full size arcade! You can find a detailed article about the Taproom and all it has to offer here.


2. Vegan Doughnut and Dog Treats at Brammibal’s

Indoor activities for dogs - brammibal's doughnuts

Head to Brammibal’s, a perfect-in-pink vegan bakery in Berlin, to indulge in delicious doughnut while your canine companion enjoys special dog treats. Brammibal’s offers a varying menu of sweet treats and beverages, perfect for spending a rainy afternoon with your pup. Check out their website for locations and menu details. Personally, I cannot get enough of their Bienenstich Doughnut, inspired by the German cake featuring blanched almonds, a sweet custard and honey. Bonus: Brammibal’s support various organisations through their charity doughnut.




3. Sip Coffee and meet other Dogs at Cafe Fellfreunde

Berlin is known for its vibrant café culture, and many if not most establishments welcome dogs with open arms. But there is one spot that takes their dog-friendliness to another level: Cozy up with your pup at the extra dog-friendly Cafe Fellfreunde in Berlin Pankow. As you will meet a lot of dogs there, be other visitors or the locals, make sure your dog enjoys the company and has the skillset to remain calm and happy. I recommend making a reservation to be sure you can get a spot.


4. Stay dry while your dog enjoys the dog park at Inselhunde in Schöneberg

While I am not an advocate of dog parks, there is something to say about offering dogs who cannot go off-leash in an unfenced area some exploration and roam time. I still stand by “never dog park on a sunny weekend”, but if you want to visit a really well kept, and less busy dog park, give Insehunde Schöneberg a chance, pro tip is to go on a rainy day as the area features a small hut for you to keep dry.


5. Shop and explore plants with your pup at Der Holländer

indoor activities for dogs in Berlin - Plant Shopping


Venture to Der Holländer, a dog-friendly plant store in Berlin, where you and your pup can explore a vast selection of lush plants together. Der Holländer offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, making it a great destination for green-thumbed dog owners. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings and locations.






6. Treat your dog to a Massage/ Physio Session

Book a massage or physiotherapy session for your dog at one of the many animal physio therapists in and around Berlin. These sessions can help improve your dog’s mobility, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. Look for certified practitioners in your area and treat your dog to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


7. DIY Enrichment Toys at home

Looking for a low budget indoor activities for dogs? How about creating homemade enrichment toys using household items to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated during rainy days. From treat-dispensing puzzles to scent-based games, DIY enrichment toys can provide hours of fun and challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills. You can search online or take a look at some of the toys Oddy and I have put together here.


8. Get a sweat on at Blacksheep Crossfit

This might not be suitable for all dogs, but if your pup is happy to relax and watch from the sideline, the Crossfit Gym Black Sheep in Bergmannkiez allows your pup to come along to your workout! They offer open gym as well as various led workout classes. I recommend not going to the rush hour classes with a dog if they might get overwhelmed, but you can always call ahead and check how it’s looking.


9. Browse, shop and enjoy premium pet products at Kiezhund

Most shopping venues in Berlin make for good indoor activities for dogs. But here’s my favourite: Brighten up the dark days with some colourful, quality dog gear!  Visit Kiezhund, a high-quality pet store in Berlin, to browse and shop a curated selection of premium pet products. From stylish dog accessories to nutritious treats, Kiezhund offers everything you need to pamper your canine companion.


10. Books and Bagels at Shakespeare and Sons

Spend a rainy day at Shakespeare and Sons, a dog-friendly bookstore and café in Berlin. Browse their extensive collection of books while savoring a freshly prepared bagel alongside your furry friend. With a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse selection of titles, Shakespeare and Sons is the perfect literary escape for you and your pup.


11. Soul Food at home for you  and your pup

Stay in and prepare a delicious soul food for you and your dog to enjoy together. And what better way to spend a rainy day, than to enjoy a warm bowl of soup. Today’s menu: Chicken Soup followed up by immune boosting gummy treats. The way this works is you start cooking, and before you add the Seasonings that aren’t ideal for dogs you put your pups portion aside and finish up the dishes to your own taste.

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