Dog Walking Guide: 8 Tips and Tricks from Experienced Dog Walkers

dog walking

The Comprehensive Guide to Dog Walking   A walk with your dog can be a bonding experience that goes beyond simple exercise. But it can also be stressful, and depending on your dog quiet the challenge. While Oddy has a bullet proof recall, on the leash he bucks and protests and it took us a […]

How to Make Gummies for Dogs – Turmeric & Coconut Gummies for Healthy Skin

gummies for dogs

Gummies for Dogs? Of course! Gelatine based treats are a great low-calorie alternative for dogs who like to snack. The options are near endless, from simple bone broth treats that are great for joint health, to all kinds of fruity flavours and nourishing vitamin blends. These Turmeric and Coconuts Gummies are great for the cold […]

Buddha Bowls for dogs – healthy homemade recipes

dog superfoods

Buddha bowls have been popular for what feels like ever. And the formula is simple, part protein, part whole grain, part vegetable – done! When I was making myself dinner the other night, I was watched over closely by my sous chef Oddy, and he was interested in almost all the ingredients. So I gave […]

6 ways dogs calm your nervous system + exercises

Dogs are incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing in many ways. While owning a pup undeniably adds a whole lot of weight to our mental load, there are a lot more positive response from our nervous system. Animals of all shapes and sizes have proven to be dopamine and oxytocin boosters, and the deeper we dive […]