11 Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs in Berlin

Indoor Activities for Dogs on Rainy Days in Berlin   Sadly rainy days in Berlin come often and like to stick around, they can put a real damper on your outdoor adventures. But don’t let a little drizzle get you down, I’ve compiled a list of 11 fun and engaging activities that you can enjoy […]

Dogs on trains in Germany – Easy Travel Guide

Dogs on trains in Germany Whether you live full time in Germany, or are just passing through, the German railway system makes travelling by train really easy! We often commute between Berlin and Cologne by train, basically crossing the full width of Germany in less than 5h. When we first Navigating the ins and outs […]

The ultimate list to dog proof your apartment

The ultimate list to dog proof your apartment   Back in the day, when we would bring our family dogs home for the first time,  it was always about ‘puppy proofing the garden’. No holes in the fence, no sharp tools lying around and god forbid no slug bait within reach. But when I brought […]